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Colleen Murphy Lucia

Clinical Social Work/Therapist


Raising an infant is not all rainbows and runny noses. Constant worry, racing thoughts, and always feeling like something bad is going to happen all come with the territory of being a mother. The key is to not suffer in silence and to learn from those who have been on this journey before.

Perinatal Depression can start anytime during pregnancy or the first year postpartum and can affect as many as 1 in 7 women.

Contact me if the joys of motherhood are being outweighed by feelings of anxiety or depression.

Symptoms of Perinatal Depression:

  1. Loss of interest, joy, or pleasure in things you used to enjoy
  2. Appetite and sleep disturbance
  3. Feelings of anger or irritability
  4. Lack of interest in the baby
  5. Crying and sadness
  6. Possible thoughts of harming the baby or yourself
  7. Feelings of guilt, shame, or hopelessness

Additional symptoms may include:

  1. Constant worry
  2. Racing thoughts
  3. Inability to sit still
  4. Insomnia
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Unwanted thoughts

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